Bike Related Donations

Donations to Free Ride are always welcome! We are always in need of bikes and parts, and your contribution will help to keep our shop operational.

If you believe that your parts or bikes are beyond repair, just drop them off at Construction Junction.

Link to Construction Junction Hours

We accept all kinds of bikes (Cruisers, Road, Mountain, Kids’, BMX, etc.)

We also welcome bicycle parts (Wheels, Chains, Pedals, Derailleurs, Seats, Brakes, Chains, Levers, Stems, Seat posts, Forks, etc.)

Additionally, we accept helmets, accessories, tools, rags, and old towels.

Donations to Free Ride are tax deductible, so if you need a receipt, come in during open shop hours

Not only will your donations help Free Ride, but by reusing your old parts, we are able to keep these parts out of a landfill.


Monetary Donations

Are you interested in helping Free Ride run more effectively, efficiently, and smoothly? Your donation will go towards helping fund the expenses that Free Ride incurs as well as buying new bike parts and tools.

All donations are tax-deductible, as we are recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization.

You may use  to make a donation and support Free Ride today!