Drop-In Classes


Our Drop-In Classes can be taken individually and with no advanced registration.

Class duration and structure

Each class is 2 hours long. Classes include discussion on key concepts and hands-on practice using tools and parts in the shop.

Cost for each class

Classes cost $20.00 each. Nobody need be turned away due lack of funds…

To help make classes more affordable, we have alternate methods to pay for classes:

  • Alternate payment by volunteering: Complete 2 hours of volunteering prior to the class. We consider 2 hours of volunteering as equivalent work-trade for each two hour mechanics class.
  • Alternate payment based on government assistance: Individuals with ACCESS or SNAP/EBT cards may lack both funds and time, so they may take classes at no fee just by showing their cards.

Just show up a few minutes early. No advanced registration is needed.

Class Topics

Tubes, Tires and Flats

In this intro to the course we will discuss tube and tire selection and sizing, and have a thorough exercise in patching a flat.

Hubs and Bearings

An introduction to cup and cone bearing systems.  We will disassemble, clean and reassemble the hub of a wheel.

Wheel Truing

How to prepare your wheel and make spoke nipple adjustment to make a lateral true and straighten the rim of your wheel.

The Drivetrain

Learn how to remove, clean and fit a chain, how to remove freewheels and cassette and replace a chainring.

Brakes, Cables and Housings

Learn how to replace your cables and housings and how to make the basic adjustments to make your brakes work better.


Demystify one of the more complex components of your bicycle by learning its basic adjustments.


The cost of each Drop-In Class is $20 (cash only, please) or 2 volunteer hours.   No one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay.  Payment is due at the beginning of the class.  If you are volunteering, please come in during our Volunteer Night or Open Shop hours prior to the class.  During Volunteer Night or Open Shop you will record your completed volunteer hours.  You must complete your volunteer hours before you come to the class!

There is no registration for the drop-in classes.  Just show up.  On time is several minutes before class begins – everyone has to sign in and pay for class.  The first 10 people will be admitted.  All classes start promptly (look at the calendar to confirm there is a class).  Doors will close 10 min after start time, so please don’t be late.

To see the current Drop-In Class Schedule go to our calendar