Pot O’ Green and Gold Alley Cat

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Date(s) - 04/22/2017
12:00 am

OTB Bicycle Bar


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$5 per person
Registration: 2pm @ OTB Bicycle Cafe
Start: 3pm
Finish: 5pm
Prizes: 6pm

Pot of Gold returns for its 4th year and in 2017 its EARTH DAY EDITION.
Anyone who raced the Pot O’ Black and Gold+Yinzer Bingo last year knows how this goes down, but for everyone else!:

POT O’ GOLD is an annually held alleycat riddle-solving scavenger hunt by bike! Solve the clues to find your checkpoints, and gather selfies etc in a game of Earth Day Bingo.

Pick some of your wiliest or fastest friends to help solve the riddles, race to the checkpoints or hunt down bingos. No limit on # of teammates, just remember – if you win, you’ll be splittin’ yer ca$$h between those friends!

-After you register your team will be given a manifest with the rules and the checkpoint clues, as well as spokecard bingo sheets.
-Riddle solutions are checkpoint locations – send a member of your team out to those checkpoints and have them snap a selfie to prove they made it
-THE SAME TEAM MEMBER and their bike must be present in every checkpoint selfie for it to count! AKA – each team has a “runner” who will race to the spots. Other members can also race with them. Or they can hang out @ OTB and solve riddles. You decide!
-IN ADDITION to the checkpoint locations, everyone will recieve an Earth Day Bingo card. Go find stuff around the city and snap a pic or bring it back! Each bingo will count as 1 extra checkpoint. ANY TEAM MEMBER can hunt bingos! (AKA – that team mate who is racing around the city to checkpoints doesn’t have to be in any bingo selfies! Maybe split your team!)

WINNERS are the team that hits the greatest number of checkpoints (including bingo bonuses)! Any ties will be broken by finish time.

This is a super fun game type alleycat that is completely accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level or fitness. You never know what a team might benefit from – maybe you know Pittsburgh super well, maybe you’re a speed demon on the streets, maybe you’re a crosswords clue genius, maybe your scavenger huntin’ skills are off the charts.