Youth Earn-A-Bike

Throughout the year we offer a youth education program known as Youth EarnABike, in which participants learn basic bicycle repair and maintenance, environmental awareness, and a recycling ethic while fixing up a bike of their own to keep. While enrolled in the EarnABike program students learn how to fix flat tires, repair brakes, adjust shifting and derailleur mechanisms, and overhaul bearing systems. In addition to mechanical skills, youth will also learn proper usage of tools, problem solving skills, environmental education, teamwork and a do-it-yourself ethic. Graduates of the EarnABike program are equipped with many of the skills necessary for employment at a Commercial Bike Repair Shop.

These classes can be offered as an after school program or summer program. Students are expected to attend 8 class sessions so that they will have sufficient time to repair their own bike and complete the other parts of the EarnABike curriculum. These 8 sessions can be spread across 8 weeks or condensed to two or three sessions per week. We are flexible and willing to adjust the program so it can fit both our needs and those of the youth we work with.

We have worked with youth through City High School, The Frick Environmental Center, The JCC After School Program, The Girl Scouts-Trillium Council, the Housing Authority of Pittsburgh, Student Conservation Association, CHS Summer Camp and various other organizations. This year we are hoping to expand our program and work with more school classes, community groups, and neighborhood associations. We have worked with youth ages 9-21 and have offered classes available to all ages as well as separate youth and teenage classes. Scholarships are available so the classes will be affordable to all who are interested.

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