2/10 Council Meeting Minutes

Free Ride Council Meeting Minutes
2.10.2018 || 12:00pm – 2:00pm || Everyday Café
Attendees: Scott, Tom, Tess, Kyle, Dave, Katie, Jennifer, Hanna
Absent: Joel


  1. Reuse Fest
    a. Saturday, April 21st
    b. Scott will make poster/flyer
    c. We have 2 areas at event: loading bikes and tabling (BikePGH also offered to table for us)
  2.  Pittsburgh Feminists for Intersectionality
    a. March 8th (international women’s day) asking to use the shop 9-3pm
    b. Jennifer will open shop/be at event
    c. UPDATE: Event cancelled
  3.  Officer Duties
    a. Do we need “operational goals” and to delegate?
    b. Jennifer will compile list of duties that need to be done (at all) and we will come back together to delegate
  4. Volunteer Digital Log
    a. Scott brought template, discussion around all the functions it should/could do
  5. Shop Rearrange
    a. Built 50 bike stands last weekend, now need to attach to the walls
    b. 2nd phase is the rack, still figuring that out (and liability)
    c. Dave is interested in new (fold up) white board from CJ since we will take the one off the wall
    d. UPDATE: Katie got one free for us
  6. Email List
    a. Problems = hard to use for 2-way communication, different lists (council, staff, volunteers, W+Q) overlap
    b. Discussion around what tools we already have (Mail Chimp) and what we could use (Google)
    c. Everyone will only email 1 email list at a time (theoretically all volunteers are on the broad one, and more specific from there)
  7. Agenda Setting
    a. Should we make agenda ahead of time so that at meetings we can jump right in?
    b. Should agenda be public? On the calendar?
    c. It has been on website before
  8. Women & Biking Forum
    a. Katie is taking scrap materials for participants to practice on real parts
  9. Tags for bikes
    a. $25 increments from now on, should simplify things
    b. Include height (of seatpost) on tags (correspond to typical heights of people)