3/10 Council Meeting Minutes

Free Ride Council Meeting Minutes
3.10.2018 || 12:00pm – 2:30pm || Everyday Café
Attendees: Scott, Tom, Tess, Kyle, Dave, Katie, Joel, Hannah
Absent: Jennifer


  1. Summer Hours
    a. Starting April 1st
    b. Weekly Hours = Monday Volunteer Nights, Wednesday Women & Queer Nights, Thursday Open Shop Nights, Saturday Open Shop Afternoons
    c. Hanna is going to host Volunteer Nights starting this Monday to focus on shop rearrange
  2. Shop Rearrange
    a. Have cabinets in place and painted
    b. Started organizing parts in milk crates, still need about 8 more milk crates
    c. Tom is going to cut 55-gallon barrels for tire storage after Hanna draws up designs
    d. Construction Junction has $3 bike racks we could use for rims, Scott will grab soon
  3. Tee Shirts
    a. New short-sleeved T-shirts have arrived
    b. Lime green and army green, unisex and female cuts
    c. All staffers should be wearing them during open shops! Staffers grab!
    d. Scott spent 20+ hours, the printer spent 20+ hours making these (donation)
  4. Volunteer Portal
    a. Scott presented design
    b. $800 to develop (discounted)
    c. Can use emails that volunteers provide for initial survey/follow-up to their first visit
    d. Discussion about unused hours for volunteers / zeroing out hours after a time
    i. Unnecessary because there should be plenty of storage space to keep everyone’s hours
  5. Women & Biking Forum
    a. Katie has been talking to Jane && Free Ride is Co-sponsoring
    b. Ryder, Danielle, Katie + are helping out with the Fix-a-flat workshop & marshalleing the finale ride
    c. Scott will print more cards to hand out to participants (non-event specific)
    d. Should Free Ride corporate sponsor BikePGH?
  6. Bike & Brew
    a. Hanna and Carya had idea to do BYOB and fix up bikes
    b. Discussion about street-ready and bicycle safety checklist
    c. Maybe Second Friday of the month?
  7. Classes
    a. Discussion about classes
    b. Aryn, Carya, Ted have expressed interest in teaching – Tom will check in
    c. Will start in May so we ca check back in about when/how much
    i. Potentially Tuesday nights & pay-what-you-can?
  8. “Overly Helped”
    a. Discussion about volunteers/volunteering in the shop space
    b. Asking someone if they are being “overly helped” could be easy/PC way to check-in
    c. Maybe we could have a “novice station” for those that might need more help?
    d. Maybe we could have a volunteer “class” about how to best help someone?
    e. Katie will work on poster for volunteer guidelines, will send to Scott
  9. Tag Team Staffers
    a. Having two staffers at each open shop
    b. 1 greeter, 1 mechanic
    c. Will need more staffers to step-up to support this
    d. Everyone will ask their people
    e. Katie will ask W+Q staffers
  10. Price Tags
    a. Ready to go, Scott will print
  11. Volunteer Summer Kick Off Event
    a. April 30th (Monday Volunteer Night)
    b. Invite all volunteers, 1 part “class” for how to volunteer, 1 part “thank you/morale” for appreciation, 1 part staffer recruitment
    c. Maybe we could have swag bags for people