Council Meeting 11/16/2016

Council Meeting 11/16/2016


  1. Tom
  2. Scott
  3. Tess
  4. Greg
  5. Mike

Greg Requested a new lock for the gate so it is more visible at night.
We will get  a new coded lock that easier to read

Color Code Bikes for sale
Did not discuss

Drugs and Alcohol in the shop
Discussed no tolerance for drinking or taking drugs while staffing. Everyone agreed on this. No policy would need to be written

Discussed final bid from Bob Boden for the Electric
Should have dropped off final Proposal on Saturday 19th

New Dead Bolt for Door.
Scott Will install at some point over winter it will be a coded lock so no keys will be needed to enter shop.

Shop restructure
Talked about new in shop bin

Mr Baker Bakers Market Homewood
Greg would like to do a bike giveaway every sunday for kids. Everyone Agreed  great idea Greg’s Pet Project.

Kids – Lisa was absent.

Classes Next Year.
Still working on proposal for to submit for grants .
Tom is going to work on Getting the needed Paperwork up to date.


Vote at next council meeting December

Email Collection

Discussed a 40,000 piece email collection from gmail account requesting people to join our mailing list. This would be a one time request. Scott said he would be working closely with mailchimp to make sure we did everything legally and within the companies parameters.

Winter Hours

  • Sat 1:00-5:00
  • Mon 6:30 -9:30
  • Wed LGBT Night 6:30 – 9:30

Next Council Meeting 12/17/16 10 am at Food Coop.