Welcome to Free Ride Bicycle Collective Pittsburgh

Welcome to Free Ride Bicycle Collective.
We are located at 214 North Lexington Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15208.

We are a bicycle collective dedicated to:

  • Reusing & Recycling Bicycles
  • Mechanical Bicycle-Education
  • Promoting Bicycle-Access

Free Ride is not a traditional repair shop, but a bicycle educational facility operated by the community of people who use it. We aspire to help people of all identities obtain, maintain, and feel confident with bicycles.

When the shop is open* stop by the space…

…with your bike to use our tools (for $5 shop fee) to repair your own bike!
…to volunteer your time and help us deconstruct bikes, repair bikes, or organize bicycle parts. Each hour you volunteer is $10 in shop credit!
…to buy a bike or bike parts! You can purchase with cash, credit, or volunteer hours!
…to donate** your bike(s) and/or bike parts and/or bike accessories (like bike-specific clothing). Your donation helps others access these items that might not otherwise be able to!

Explore our website and stop by our store to learn more about bicycles.  We are always looking for help and volunteers, come get involved!

*Open Hours may vary so please check our calendar.
**When Free Ride is closed, Construction Junction will collect your donations to us.