Scott Kowalski

5530 Penn Ave Loft#3
Pittsburgh PA 15206

Free Ride Council Meeting Minutes 1.13.2017 || 12:00pm – 3:00pm || Everyday Café Attendees: Scott, Tom, Tess, Kyle, Dave, Katie, Joel, Ryder, Jen*, Hannah*  *= remotely called in  Agenda New […]

Bottom Bracket Sprocket Holder

Holder Tool for Splined Bottom Bracket Socket Holds socket tool to Bottom Bracket axle to eliminate slippage during removal and installation Works with square taper and splined axles with M8 […]

Pretty Cool Artist making sculptures out of Bike Chain. These dog sculptures made by Israeli artist Nirit Levav really make us smile. They are life size sculptures of dogs made […]

Party For Jeremy

Jeremy is off to a new part of his life and we had a great little party last night. The shop was full and fun! Thanks for everyone that came […]

Hey gang, sorry for the delay. Here are May’s council meeting minutes: Angela Update: We talked about Angela, planning for the alleycat, afterparty, and fundraising. Electric Update: Gregg is seeking […]