FREERIDE NOTES from NOVEMBER MEETING   Meeting begins at 6:29 pm at Free Ride Bicycle Collective.   Attendance: Hannah, Katie, Evan, Kyle, Tom, Tess, Dave, Scott, Jennifer   Parliamentarian: Jennifer. […]

Hey Free Riders, It’s our winter season and we aren’t open very much, but if you are looking to practice some wrenching skills, do a service to the community and […]

This Sunday from 2:00 – 5:00 PM you are invited to a special projects volunteer session at Free Ride. This is a chance to take a crack at specific projects […]

Attendance: Scott K, Tess F, Tom A, Mike Damaged Door: Rather than replace the door, the door handle will be replaced and a new combo-lock / dead-bolt will be added. […]

Attendance: Scott K., Tess F., Tom A., Lisa S., Joel K. Guests: Sara, Jim S. (Ohio City Bike-Coop Founder), Greg from Youngstown OH looking to start a bike coop. Agenda […]

Bike Bike is an annual community-bike-shop-conference. If you volunteer at Free Ride and are interested in attending, we are willing and able to pay your entrance-fee and potentially provide transportation […]

Free Ride Council Meeting : August 17, 2016 Attendance: Scott K., Tess F., Tom A., Aryn G. Guests: Pitt-Bike-Coop Founders and Students (Naomi and Hana) Agenda with Discussion: Electric – […]