Free Ride offers different classes, ranging from the basics in the drop-in classes to advanced topics on different areas of the bicycle. All classes provide a hands-on experience to gain a better knowledge of the various bicycle systems.

Types of Classes

Class Type


Drop-In Classes: The Basics
Tubes, Tires and Flats

Hubs and Bearings

Wheel Truing

The Drivetrain

Brakes, Cables and Housings


 Frame and Internal Systems Classes



Bottom Brackets

Frames and Forks

 Wheel Building Series


Material selection and calculating spoke length

Preparing and lacing the wheel

Truing and tensioning the wheel

Cost for each class

Classes cost $20.00 each. Nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds.

To help make classes more affordable, we have alternate methods to pay for classes:

  • Alternate payment by volunteering: Complete two hours of volunteering prior to the class. We consider two hours of volunteering as equivalent work-trade for each two hour mechanics class. Please have the volunteering completed prior to taking the course session.
  • Alternate payment based on government assistance: Individuals with ACCESS or SNAP/EBT Cards may lack both funds and time, so they may take classes at no fee just by showing their cards.