Frame and Internal Systems

Have a good knowledge base on the basics of the bicycle, but want to learn more? Free Ride offers a course of three sessions on frame and internal systems. The class is offered for those who want to improve their skills working on the frame itself as well as the components that operate inside the frame.

It is recommended those who take this course have either taken The Basics course, or are familiar with the topics taught in The Basics course. This course teaches Free Ride shop users, volunteers, or staffers how to perform more elaborate repairs and assemblies.

No advanced registration is needed, just show up a few minutes prior to class. To see when our next class is, visit our calendar. Each session is two hours in duration.

Class Topics


Learn how to measure and cut a fork to fit and how to adjust, repack and replace both threaded and threadless headsets.

Bottom Brackets

Learn how to measure all aspects of the bottom bracket for compatibility.  We will remove and replace cartridge bottom brackets and re-pack adjustable bottom brackets.

Frames and Forks

Learn how to measure and correct bent drop-outs and asymmetrical chainstays and how to tap and face bottom bracket shells.

Each course session costs $20. If there are any questions about pricing, see the additional information about pricing in the general classes description.