The Basics

Interested in learning about how to fix your bicycle or just want to learn about bicycles without any prior knowledge? No better place to learn than our basics class! The class provides both discussion on key concepts as well as hands-on experience with the bicycle.

No prior knowledge is necessary to attend the class. No advanced registration is needed, just show up a few minutes prior to class. To see when our next class is, visit our calendar. Each session is two hours in duration.

Please note: Each class is two hours and is followed by an optional hour where participants can practice what they’ve learned in class (and earn $10 Free Ride shop credits)

Class Topics

Bike Mechanic Class Intro AND Tubes, Tires and Flats

This class is an introduction to Free Ride’s bike mechanic course as well as class on maintaining and selecting your bike’s pneumatic system (i.e. tubes and tires). We will practice tube and tire repair and increase their skills in repairing flats.  We will also explore tire selection and sizing.

Hubs and Bearings

This class focuses on the bicycle’s wheel hub system.  This system is crucial for allowing a bike to move forward. It is also a challenging system to understand.  In this class we will take hub systems apart, learn about how the parts work together and develop skill and knowledge about how to maintain the overall system.

The Drivetrain

This class focuses on the drivetrain, the system of the bicycle that transmits the power from the riders’ legs to the bicycle’s wheels. In this class, we take apart and reassemble parts of the drivetrain.  We will remove, clean and fit a chain, learn how to remove freewheels and cassette and how to replace chainrings.

Brakes, Cables and Housings

This class focuses on how handbrakes work and the key role that cables and housing play.  In this class will take a brake system apart and put it back together. Along the way we will learn how to replace cables and housings and how to how make basic adjustments so that your brakes respond quickly and smoothly.


In this class we return to the drivetrain system to focus on derailleurs – one of the more complex components of a bicycle.  We will explore how derailleurs work while a bike is in motion and learn how to do basic adjustments to ensure your derailleur keeps proper chain tension and shifts easily through all the gears.

Wheel Truing

This class focuses on the wheel and the “art form” of wheel truing (straightening).

Each course session costs $20. If there are any questions about pricing, see the additional information about pricing in the general classes description.