February Meeting Minutes



Greg said he got the goahead to do electric, he and Jeff; CJ managers stopped it. Greg got reimbursed thus far; won’t need reimbursement going forward. We stepped on some people’s feet.

Greg was supposed to get union

How close are we to having up-to-code electricity in our space?

Need CJ’s permission still

Scott will talk to Derek



No real resolutions on that—just do better in the future.


Youth Program

Angela’s plan: Have a volunteer every Saturday

Currently has four volunteers

Starting in March

Scott will send Angela contacts for people we may be able to get via PittServes, which apparently has Americorps people to use.


Outside Rack

Scott dropped ball on this before, will apply for approval tomorrow

Talking to CJ comes later



$24146.89 gross income 2015

As-is bikes made $8280 (That pretty much paid rent)

$20801 expenses (cost of goods sold is kind of made up for us but there everything is anyway)


Checking 7800

Savings 25000

Total 33000

Buy something on reimbursement? Ask Tom or Carya.



Scott will go to Home Depot Saturday

Expect to have a new door in 2 weeks

Got a quorum on door



Greg will become the calendar whip and will DEFINITELY be the calendar whip asking people to staff and he will have April filled before the March council meeting


Repair parties

Greg will do March 6th 1pm Bike Build with Beer



Jeremy’s proposal: Get a professional mechanic to come in and critique classes, PAY THEM, and make sure they do a disc brake maintenance class –perhaps from Performance Bikes