Who We Are


Free Ride is a collective dedicated to recycling bicycles, offering mechanical education, and promoting bicycling by helping people of all ages and backgrounds obtain, maintain, and repair bicycles.

Who We Are

Free Ride is not a traditional repair shop, but a bicycle educational facility. Our hope is to educate the community on the maintenance on repair of bicycles. During open hours, the shop is open to the public. You can fix your own bike, volunteer, donate, or buy.

We also support user projects that might not have the funds to sustain on their own. Volunteer dedication allow these projects to be possible. Through volunteering, anyone can become a collective member. Membership allows you to vote, discuss, and participate in the direction of the organization. Membership also allows you to get discounts on parts and gear as well as be able to sign up to run classes and youth programs.

Collective Ownership 

As a collective, Free Ride is supported and operated by the community of people who use it. All participants can benefit from Free Ride in a variety of ways, and in return, should give back to the Free Ride Community.

Free Ride aims to operate without a hierarchy and to be respectful of all people. It is important that members of the Free Ride community are respected and encouraged to learn.