Free Ride Meeting Minutes May 10th

Free Ride Meeting Minutes
Jessica, Zach, Will W, Morgan, Jami, Massimo, Jake, Caroline, Scott G, Rachel, Mick

Quick note:
Tire recycling – Morgan and Jami to take care of tire recycling for now. Morgan has a truck to use.
CJ liaison – Rachel is taking over for Stuart. Zach and Caroline were also interested, and maybe interested for the future?

– membership
– programming committee budget
– Mobile Bike Repair Project
– committee updates
– 501c3-ification

Membership –
– a volunteer recently went through the membership binder and counted about 114 or so members, 32 with no hours, and only 10 people redeemed hours for membership stamp.
– collective council members should remember to log their hours and/or actually make their member sheet.
– staffers should remind Free-Rider users to redeem hours for membership on the member form
– TO CLARIFY: anyone who does an EAB becomes a member from doing the classes
– when people sign up their EAB, they should get a stamp on their card
– staffers should check member cards more often
– maybe we can have a volunteer go through and pull expired memberships at the end of the season, at least once every three months – maybe more often.

Proposal – notate on page when someone becomes a member with a stamp and a date (in addition to stamping the card). PASSED
Proposal – Tuesday night volunteers will go through and put people who haven’t done their member hours in three months into a separate binder. Scott G says he will get it started. PASSED
Proposal – Log meetings as volunteer hours! If you want to be a collective council member, you’re responsible for writing down that you went to a meeting on your member form. PASSED

– last year, we wanted to put mobile bike shops in public housing projects. Jami and Scott worked with Urban Youth Action (employment training org. for youth) and did presentations.
– some kids are eligible for a paid summer internship.
– 6 weeks youth internship with Free Ride – youth trained in bike mechanics for about 40 hours, then will put together a mobile bike repair station and haul it out to different sites and repair people’s bicycles for a donation
– kids will work 30 hours per week, in a crew fashion. (one crew: one instructor and 3-4 kids)
– Caroline interested in doing this too, to make a second crew, but we’ll wait for her to make sure she can do it.
– there is ALSO paid organizing time – about 60 hours at $10 an hour. Open to collective council members
– Buffalo Blues interested in putting up money for youth possibly? Could this be a sorce of funding?
– how will this program impact Free Ride?
– ordering tools specifically for project (one set per crew)
– do we need more money for tools? tool total might be higher than on Scott’s budget.
– this is the during busy season for youth classes, but we are going to work around that
– kids could participate in open shop to meet hour requirement
– plenty of oppurtunities for other council members to get involved
– will discuss party later – maybe a party can fund youth program
– need to make bike liability waivers
– Scott (and Caroline if she ends up being an additional crew leader) will be getting paid for this and needs to be on the payroll – not an independent constractor – BikePGH is fine with it.
– other things to consider like various insurances that go along with putting Scott G. and a second supervisor on payroll
– adjunct people need to be clear on how they are getting paid
– should we have one crew or two? might be a good idea to have one crew of three or four kids + one supervisor – would that reduce costs? the biggest cost is the instructor labor, but there are bigger picture things to look at
– is being thrifty important? we should be thrifty but there are these bigger picture things to look at
– two crew leaders can make it stronger because they can share work/ideas
– Urban Youth thinks there is going to be two crews – what should a deficit be?

Proposal: Deficit for entire programming committee shall not exceed $3,500 and that if it does exceed that amount, the programming committee will be responsible for making up that money. PASSED
*The 2nd instructor will be Caroline or no one else. If Caroline ends up not being able to work on this project, then there will only be one crew leader – Scott.

– went over programming committee budget
– need more instructors for youth classes
– community kids classes are intended to bring together kids with a mentor in a class setting – last year we were unable to attract enough kids. school year had just started, lots of kids involved with sports. we didn’t end up going through with it.
– will not be happening this year.
– trying to convince Braddock to take all those kids bikes in the shop SOON
– tubes – maybe we should try to give them away on craigslist
– maybe post something on craigslist about selling kids bikes for really cheap

Youth Program benefit party?
– fundraiser party – maybe have the party in late July? WHO IS PLANNING AND WHAT DATES
– Rachel will look into party planning options.

Communication – how to get staffing training to happen.
– make shop map and work with shop committee to help organize shop
– bike processing guide (self-guided bike stripping)
– will be looking at web page to make it more straightforward for staffing stuff

– we should have a trainer there twice a month or so: Caroline, Zach, Jessica, and Rachel interested in doing trainings.

Finances – new accountant to start this summer.
– co-op money is now in pnc money-market account

Shop committee – trying to improve lighting, working with Home Depot. Coordinating with CJ. Proposal: Cap for lighting: $300. PASSED.

– organization of small parts ideas.. coming soon!

Programming committee – budget sums it up.

501c3 Stuff:
– we’re fiscally sponsored by BikePGH, doing business as Free Ride.
– we are now seeking our own independent status
– Morgan and Jake have been filing paperwork
– Duquesne Law School operates a clinic and will help us out with it
– semester just ended but we’ll get an intern team in August
– information for this is on crabgrass so you can follow along
– our non-traditional structure doesn’t match up with some of the legally-binding bylaws, but the law school can help us find a balance between something that is legal and something that suits us.
– bylaws and articles of incorporation need to be looked at by the collective
– Morgan in communication with bikePGH about spinning off.
– Duq. seems pretty organized and there is a professional lawyer overseer.
– the group should go through bylaws together.