January 2016 Minutes

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Date: wed 20 january 2016
Location: Big Idea Bookstore, 4812 Liberty Ave
Time: 6:00pm


h3. Attendance & roles
* Collective council: Gregg LaFace, Ned Schmidgal, Angi Urban (notes), Will Wedler (6:20)
* Collective members: Megan, Justin (before Will?, timekeeper), Tom (treasurer, after 7:00?)
* New volunteer: Dan (stack)
* _We reviewed our process for consensus decision-making, set the agenda, and assigned roles._

h3. Break-in
* Break-in discovered at 4pm today 1/20/16:
** Front door was tampered with
** Locker was askew; bottom pried out/combo lock still on
** Someone stole the cash box! nothing else seemed to be missing
* Potential solutions:
** Secure cash in another locker / Invest in a better locker?
** Hide cash handling better (see below)
** Padlock/deadbolt on front door?
* Action items:
** Store the till (elsewhere+) for now
** Staff only in the shop while money is taken out/put away! (so don't let others in early/let hang out late)
** Ned/Gregg to file police report

+ Details on [staff email list -> https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/freeride-staffers]

h3. Review [last meeting’s minutes -> 20151220-council-notes]
* Should give Angela and Gregg Free Ride emails… Will?
* Potential for Free Ride to expand: Gregg – questionnaire (in progress)
* Website gunk – Update: calendar has disappeared, etc. Scott?

h3. Electric
* Gregg did some more work this month (paused due to break-in)
* Outlets along wall currently tied into pass-though circuit (shared with desktop PC, etc.)
** We can’t switch this circuit from the panel, and it was never the correct way to wire our space
** He will drive a spike into concrete for grounding
** GFCI outlet was never installed, but water buckets are close by!
** Still want kill switch (i.e. red push-button) by front door
* Don't use new outlets until Gregg says they're ready (everyone)

h3. Finances
* Above-mentioned break-in
* Please don’t leave $125 in ones, that's difficult to count! (everyone)
* No “shark box”; how to run Open Shop this Saturday?
** Could make change out-of-pocket, or
** Contact treasurers to put $ in by Saturday (Angi)
* Review better next month (Tom hadn’t arrived yet)
** [Quarterly reports -> https://we.riseup.net/freeride_council+wildcats/finance-history] typically not yet ready around this time (you need to join Finance Committee to read these)
** Mention of [“monthly envelope” -> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B19HqlZxcfegVk82Z1lyM2phQ3c] shared document (Carya/Mike is owner)
** Ask treasurers to write a summary or come to the meeting (Angi)

h3. Next meetings
# Next meeting:
** Wednesday feb 17th, 6:00pm (CHANGED, was tuesday 16th)
** Unitarian church (Morewood and Ellsworth) maybe — check new date
** Gregg, Ned, Angi & Will RSVP’d; Ned added to staff cal & will coordinate w/church
# Thursday March 17th 6pm @ shop
** Gregg, Ned, Angi & Will RSVP’d; Ned added to staff cal
# Wednesday april 20 6pm @ shop

h3. Volunteering review
* Tess is shadowing more
* Pitt students – almost like Volunteer Repair Parties
* Megan and Dan’s first council meeting 😀 woooh
* Angi is travelling, won’t be on council next term

h3. Mobile Bike Repair Project kit
* Look and see what it needs…
* Put in staff calendar when using MBRP kit
* Can allow Pitt Bike Collective to use, through Angela

h3. Youth
* 0 kids attended our youth-specific events in nov/dec
* Don’t have committed, cleared volunteers to help kids during Open Shop
** Process for verifying background checks is currently ad hoc; Ned & Jeremy invested time in this already
* Background: 3rd-party youth organizations have essentially “rented out” our shop to learn
** This helped “fill seats” but typically not neighborhood kids
* Plan was to reach out to Big Brothers Big Sisters; hasn’t happened
* Jeremy was our de facto, volunteer lead for youth programming; he’s busy now
* *Pay a youth coordinator?*
* Have the regular greeter for Open Shop, PLUS a volunteer that mentors kids?
** Historically, saturdays draw kids — this could address the no-show problem
** Except, we’d be reversing our last change — confusing!
* Get a direct contact in the Homewood community to coordinate/advertise stuff?
** Sounds similar to old [Outreach Coordinator position -> https://we.riseup.net/freeride_council+programming/2012_youth_instructor_coordinator_outreach_coordin] (you need to join Programming Committee to read this)
** Free Ride hasn’t done a good job in supporting such roles in the past
* Tom to look at a hiring budget
** We spent $0 on youth in 2015 🙁
* Discussion tabled until next meeting
** WAIT till we have info, THEN we can start emailing volunteers about youth programming
** Meanwhile, everyone who's already expressed interest should get background checks via:
** [KeepKidsSafe.pa.gov -> http://www.keepkidssafe.pa.gov]
** Ned sent out vouchers to attendees
** Free Ride will reimburse for successful FBI clearance fee

h3. Attracting staff
* Tabled until next meeting

h3. Make sure people sign up for shifts next month
* Will to take this on