May Council Meeting Agenda 15th at 10 am

This is a speculated list for topics for the May Council Meeting on the 15th at 10 am

Angela Update, Alleycat, and Party Info (from Scott K)
We’re hosting an alleycat and party to benefit Angela. Scott will update us on those ongoing efforts.

Electric Update (from Scott K)

Entryway Update (from Scott K)

Staff Area Reorganization Update (from Pierce)
I’m reorganizing the staff area and will fill everybody on my vision for the space and get feedback on the project.

For-profit policy discussion (from Pierce)
A for-profit policy was put into effect in 2009 by the council and is on Crabgrass under “Free Rides Policy on Dealing with For Profit Entities.” We have been doing business with a for profit company, but not following this policy. So I would like to reconcile the two. The policy says:

“Sometimes, Free Ride! does receive more donations of bikes and parts than it can use at a given time. Usually, we will try to find an appropriate non-profit to partner with to accept our surplus. However, a for-profit group may be permitted to buy such parts from us on a case-by-case basis through submitting a written proposal.

Free Ride! accepts written proposals from for-profit groups that have special requests that may go above and beyond our formal policy. Written proposals may be submitted to Proposals should explain why your for-profit venture is consistent or complementary to our mission, and should contain a date by which you would like to hear back from us. Your proposal will be discussed at our next collective council meeting and a decision will be made as soon as possible. We will do everything we can do respond to your request by the the date you need.

If your proposal is accepted, Free Ride! will negotiate a price to charge you for the desired parts. Parts will be sold only if they are excessively surplus and if their sale does not conflict with our own programming.”

The current staff policy is to essentially treat for profit companies like any other customer. The staffers I talked to seemed fine with continuing with that de-facto policy.

Membership Policy (from Pierce)
There have been partial discussions about whether or not we want to continue with our current membership program. This is our current policy: $4 fee per visit per bike or volunteer/pay $40 worth of time ($10 an hour) every three months (quarter) *OR* participate in our Earn a Bike Program. So I’d like to have a discussion with how this fits with us now and if we agree to the policy, how can we keep better track of it and enforce it.

Earn A Bike Policy (from Pierce)
The current EAB policy requires people to attend one mechanics class and volunteer two hours prior to starting an EAB. This is in addition to volunteering to pay off their bicycle. There have been reports of staffers waiving the entrance requirements. I’d like to have a discussion about the EAB program and how that’s currently working for us.

Bike Hanging Reorganization (from Pierce, Jeremy, and Tom)
The second tier of bikes are cumbersome and difficult to move. Therefore, Tom, Jeremy and myself would like to consider moving the second tier of bikes to where the first level of bike parts are in the center shelf area. (tubes, wheels, forks, etc) We would then move those bike parts to where the second tier of bikes currently are. I have also been looking at prices to get better hooks that won’t move around or bend. Like these for example, we can get for $4.05 a piece in bulk. We’ll probably just have a discussion about this project and make plans for them, to be voted on later.

Webpage Revisions (from Pierce)
I think a lot of the webpages are needlessly verbose and confusingly organized within themselves. (And that’s coming from the guy with a two page council agenda.) The EAB page stands out, but there’s a lot of them. Some of the pages have conflicting information and outdated policies. There are also just dead pages too. Like, you click on a link from the drop down page, and a blank page comes up. I may try and recruit a volunteer to work on them.

Shop Stools (From Pierce)
I’ve spoken with several members/staff who find the bike seat stools uncomfortable. I’d like to order some shop stools to replace some of them.

Mail Chimp (Scott)

I would like to discuss replacing Rise up with Mailchimp.

Tshirts (Scott) 

We need new tshirts. 6.50 a piece for 2 color includes shirt

Spoke Cards (Scott)

Flyers (Scott) 200 of them went out this week.

Grant Needs (Scott)

  • Organization’s full name
  • Tax ID number
  • Total revenues for current year
  • Total organizational budget (Excel format)
  • Total project budget (Excel format)
  • List of executive/management staff
  • List of Board of Directors, and any affiliations
  • Most recent 990 or audited financial statements
  • List of current grant awards (Funding organization, amount awarded, project, date funding ends)
  • Copy of IRS determination letter
  • Organization letterhead
  • Any relevant brochures, pamphlets, videos, etc. related to the project

Pbody Project

5 bikes

Please have Scott call me about pick up. 412.529.2337.


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