May Council Meeting Minutes

Hey gang, sorry for the delay. Here are May’s council meeting minutes:

Angela Update:
We talked about Angela, planning for the alleycat, afterparty, and fundraising.

Electric Update:
Gregg is seeking a bid. Tess is seeking a bid. Jeff I mentioned that Pierce suggested we get lit emergency exits, which should be around $30 a piece and will be lit even in a power outage.

Entryway Update:
Progress is being made. Scott asked that people try and have volunteers pull crap out of the entry as time allows on Monday nights.

For Profit Discussion:
Various staff members weren’t aware of our previous policy on working with for-profits. We decided to kind of play it by ear and on a case by case basis for now.

Membership/Shop Fee Policy Update:
We’re not keeping good track of memberships or ensuring they’re being deducted from people’s volunteer sheets every three months. Tom suggested we bump the shop fee to $5. Scott was interested in membership cards, and we have some in the staff area. I’m not sure the shop fee is being consistently applied either.

EAB Policy Update:
Different staff members are applying somewhat different prerequisites. One member wasn’t aware of the safety check and wasn’t aware that one was done on her completed EAB. I think generally, we agree that they need to do at least one mechanic’s class and volunteer at least two hours prior to starting an EAB. Various staff members are looking into changing the EAB program. The EAB page on the website is also extremely long.

– Tom is still looking into the paying staff. Jeremy’s dad took a look at our numbers and was concerned we’d run out of cash quickly.

Volunteer/Staff List Updates:
Scott is interested in moving our volunteer/staff lists more towards Mail Chimp so that emails can be scheduled and we can move more conversation over to the project manager. MailChimp can also be integrated into WP. Pierce cleaned up the Riseup Staff list, removing people who aren’t around anymore.

– Scott’s getting more FR t-shirts of various bright colors.
– Scott paid $200~ to the PinUp bike-poster-people-collective to put information about our classes around town.
– Scott printed Spoke cards for the UNICAT and the Underwear ride.
-Our rent contract is still MIA. We’re hoping to get that soon.
– Kim suggested we give people volunteer hours for coming to council meetings, we didn’t really reach a conclusion on that.

Grant Update:
We have to do some paperwork for the grant to go forward. Tom is working on it. Our paperwork is kind of screwy and our board is out of date. We need to update that. Pierce is investigating.

Community Outreach:
Some group from Peabody High School needs five bikes in June. (I think this has been taken care of) A group called Bikes Up, Guns Down is looking for bikes for an event on the 25th of June. We participated in an event with Venture Outdoors I believe.