Minutes August 18, 2016

Free Ride Council Meeting : August 17, 2016

Attendance: Scott K., Tess F., Tom A., Aryn G.

Guests: Pitt-Bike-Coop Founders and Students (Naomi and Hana)

Agenda with Discussion:

Electric – Another quote for lighting and wiring was presented.  The price is comparable to previous estimates but work-break down is more detailed.  There are plans to follow up to research a revised quote with downgraded lights (non-LED) with the same contractor, to see if this would reduce the estimate price.

Entryway – Possible effort to repaint the entryway next Sunday, August 28 – time TBD.  Additional details to come through email. May seek volunteer help.

Door – a volunteer is still working on ordering a door that will fit – it isn’t forgotten.

Rent-A-Hook Sheet (New) – Now shop users can ‘rent’ hooks for their bike projects.  A follow up email will explain the process.

Earn-A-Bike – it does still exist – it does not require paperwork or classes.  Volunteer hours earn anyone the value of the bike they choose.  Earn-A-Bike does not let you keep a bike on a hook in the shop. To leave a bike in the shop on a hook, for any reason – Rent-A-Hook.

POS System Approval to Purchase – Not enough council members for ‘quorum’ to approve – the group refreshed the discussion.  Ideas:  the POS system will not resolve money missing from the drawer, and given our narrow business hours, the additional expense may not justify the cost.  A POS system will make it easier to track the ‘new part’ inventory, but may not change the way FR accounts for used goods.  Overall the attitude is positive, even though these comments are critical.  The group realizes the POS System will only work as well as the staff is able to use it.  On that note – please do fill out the balancing sheet when you close out the register.

Donation Receipt Format Change – A new format for a donation receipt was presented.  The new receipt will include a simplified explanation of Free Ride, more readable contact and EIN info, and may save paper, because 2 receipts can fit on one 8.5”x11” sheet.

Youth and Shop Saturdays – a new volunteer is interested in testing the waters and volunteering to supervise youth on Saturdays.  She plans to begin this Saturday – everyone is happy about it.  Let’s make this a success!

Cash Drawer – the cash drawer is coming up short when volunteers open.  Staffers consistently make sure there is $80 left for the next open shop or class, but do not find $80.  Please continue to leave $80.  Please do not take money from the drawer to use as ‘petty cash’.  Free Ride has decided not to use any petty cash – if you make a purchase for Free Ride, please use your own money and seek reimbursement afterwards.

Flowers For Spring – A volunteer would like to plant bulbs outside for Spring.  Sounds good!

Bike Racks Out Front – There has been follow up with the city, no new news.

Bike Bike!!  – Goal is to get confirmation of to-go-head-count before next council meeting.  The event is either September 28 through October 2nd, or September 29 through October 2nd. Free Ride will reimburse attendees for conference fees and transportation.

Comprehensive Volunteer Task List – not discussed.

Alcohol and Drugs while Staffing – volunteers must be sober when staffing.  While staffing you represent Free Ride, please take it seriously and be presentable and helpful to the general public.

Teaching Classes – The group refreshed the discussion on the requirements to teach classes.  there is a policy on teaching classes – one must be vetted to teach classes and the process starts by shadowing each class, voluntarily, to learn the curriculum and approach.  The process ends with approval by the other teachers as ‘ready to teach’ and completing the correct tax form to be eligible for pay.

Big Pour the 10th of Sept – Free Ride will be closed on this day.  We will need to help clear the space in front of the garage door Friday September 9th.

Next Council Meeting – September 21 from 6:00 PM at the shop.