Minutes October 19, 2016

Attendance: Scott K, Tess F, Tom A, Mike

Damaged Door: Rather than replace the door, the door handle will be replaced and a new combo-lock / dead-bolt will be added.

Electric: The electricity and lights require a transformer not included in the original estimate.  The estimate will be revised to include this – work will begin soon.

Domain Registration for Freeridepgh.org: Completed.

Free Classes for 2017 – Discussion: We would like to have additional instructors in 2017.  To become an instructor one must ‘shadow’ the class they want to teach.  Then they have the opportunity to co-teach the class with the current instructor.  When they are comfortable teaching the class solo, and have the approval of the current instructor, they can teach the class for Free Ride.

BIKE BIKE! Discussion: Reimbursements have been sent.

Free Ride is interested in finding local artists who would like to paint murals.

Painting the entry Way: Adding murals to the inner-entry way was discussed.  The murals would need to be positive and bicycle themed, they could be painted directly on the orange paint in the entry way, behind the fence.

Murals in General: Adding murals to the inside of the shop was discussed.  The murals could be painted on another surface, then hung around the shop.

Drugs and Alcohol in the shop: You must be sober in the Free Ride space while volunteering.

Shop Trailer: forgot to discuss.

Collection of Email address’s and adding them to the email volunteer list from our gmail email account: Scott would like to gather all unanswered email and phone messages and add them to a new list in Mail-Chimp – and solicit them to opt out or remain on the volunteer list – to build up the current version of the volunteer list.  We agreed on this.

Committing to Colored Sheets with for Pricing bikes $20 $40 $60 $80 $100 – New idea for pricing, large, colored sheets – with a very visible price – no specific bike information – they would be re-usable.

Rearranging stuff in the shop: Discussion about rearranging the shop touched on

1 – Removing hanging bikes to make them easier to reach – ie: one row only – keeping reserved bikes hung and lofted – but other bikes would be kept at ground level.

2 – Creating a ‘to-scrap’ corral and a $10 to $15 bike bin where the kitchenette used to be

3 – Relocating the big-blue rack and rearranging items on the rack

4 – Relocating truing stands to fixed work-benches and possibly adding stand-heads to freed-up caster desks

5 – In general relocating all used parts to the CJ-Side of the shop and all tools to the opposite-outer-wall

Register opening balances low again – go around: The register opening balance has been low again, please keep an eye on it.

Suggested Donation Board: Free Ride would like a suggested donation board to guide pricing for shop-users and the open-shop-cashier.

Kids’ Bike Fix Up: For Christmas, Free Ride would like to do bike-building for kids.  Tentative plans include reaching out to a group that Mike knows and to see if they are interested in receiving 15-20 kids bicycles.  After that the target audience would be Kraynicks or the Red-Lantern bike shop.  Tentative fix-up-nights are December 1,8 and 13 from 6:30 – 9:30 PM.  Donation recipient and calendar dates will be finalized at the next meeting.

Next meeting date : November 16 at 6:00 PM at Free Ride (if it is above 45 degrees F), otherwise the meeting will be held in the East End Food Coop.