Minutes September 21, 2016

Attendance: Scott K., Tess F., Tom A., Lisa S., Joel K.

Guests: Sara, Jim S. (Ohio City Bike-Coop Founder), Greg from Youngstown OH looking to start a bike coop.

Agenda with Discussion:

Bike-Bike – Aryn is en-route biking there, Scott and Joel will carpool Friday Morning, Tom to drive up Thursday morning.  Members of the Ohio City bicycle coop are cycling from Cleveland to Detroit starting on Wednesday, staying overnight in Toledo – anyone is welcome to join.  The FR shop will remain open and staffed.  Free Ride will donate a lump sum amount as a donation to cover attendees’ admission fee (though you are welcome to donate extra as you decide to when you register as an individual).  Transportation costs will be reimbursed, so save your receipts for it.

Electric-Boden electrics quote for LED lighting is accepted by the group.

Cash Drawer – has not been short this month – nice!

POS System – Discussed briefly – no objections.

Rent -A-Hook –Some concerns are:  hard to identify the ‘Rent-End-Date’ and which bikes are ‘Rent-A-Hook-Bikes’ and theft.  Solutions Created: 1 Print the Rent-A-Hook sheet on a full-sheet of red 8.5×11” paper (not a half sheet) with a big end-date, visible at-a-glance.  2 Use a cable with a padlock to secure the Rent-A-Hook-Bikes.

Lisa, Youth and Shop Saturdays – Lisa has been hosting a youth shop session during Saturday Open shop.  She would like to try starting the session an hour before adult open-shop begins (12-noon, rather than 1 pm) to leave time for a youth-specific-shop-orientation without the distraction of adults.  Other volunteers agree this is good and are willing to come in early to help if needed.  Another volunteer, Sara (not Sara attending as a guest), is also interested in helping Lisa. Sara has clearances to work with children in PA and has been attending each Saturday.  The exact format and content of the youth shop session is still evolving for now.  Generally meeting participants are excited about this. The group conferred Lisa should have key-access now and access to word-press and crab-grass.

Shop Layout Discussion – Tabled.

Communication/Signage/Website Discussion – Post meeting 3 students from the University of Pittsburgh Consulting club came in (James and two new students). They saw the shop and discussed helping revise, present and improve the Free-Ride Website and in-Shop signage.


Next Council Meeting – October 19 from 6:00 PM at the shop.