Our Continued Resolve Towards Inclusion

In light of the tragedy in Orlando,

We want to reiterate Free Ride’s resolve in making our space inclusive for all people. In our March council meeting, Angela suggested we move from a safe space towards a “brave space,” and get training to ensure that our practices are in line with our goals. We will continue to investigate that process.

We would also like to thanks those who have held us accountable when our practices don’t live up to our goals and hope that we can continue this ongoing and necessary dialogue to ensure that Free Ride is as inclusive as possible.

Lastly, we’d ask that those of us in positions of privilege; continually educate ourselves towards understanding other people, fight against hate, and to support our communities that continue to face discrimination.

With love,
Free Ride

Our next Women and Queer Nite is June 22nd from 6:30-9:30pm.

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