Shop Keys and Shop Access


The ‘Shop Keys’ are the door keys to Free Ride.  Keys are for volunteers who want to staff the space and keep it open, or even extend the open-calendar-documented-hours.

Holding shop keys also gives you access into the shop any time for your own projects and tool use.

New staffers can earn keys by shadowing a staffer greeting in a Volunteer-Night or Open-Shop-Session, at least two times in any five-week period or until comfortable staffing alone. Returning staffers can earn keys by shadowing at least one time in any five-week period.

To document the shadowing, two of the shadowing sessions should be posted on the Free Ride Calendar in advance – this can also be a ‘heads-up’ to a staffer that they will have a shadow.  The Free Ride Calendar is available here ***.

Also, new staffers need a ‘thumbs-up’ from staffers they have shadowed with to get keys.

( *** Today the calendar is not accessible without a personal password – just a requirement of the website we are using.  To get started shadowing, please email Free Ride from the Contact Page and ask to be added to the calendar as a shadow for the day you want.  Or ask the shop-volunteer behind the desk at Free Ride to add your name to the calendar.)

Cash Keys for staffing:

The ‘Cash Keys’ are the keys to the cash register.   You need theses to run an Open-Shop or Class.  When a new volunteer is comfortable taking cash for Free Ride, and has completed the same rules as for the Shop Keys, they may have a copy of these keys as well.

The Cash-Keys are not required to access the shop, or to staff a Volunteer Session – these things do not use the cash-register.  Also, the register is optional during Women and Queer Open-Shop – it is at the discretion of the staffer running that session.

Winter Rules:

In the winter, Free Ride is not open as often. To receive keys, a volunteer only needs to shadow once in five weeks.

Class Instructors:

Active class instructors receive both Shop and Cash Keys when they meet the Free Ride Requirements for being an instructor.

Key Removal:

A volunteer abusing their privileges can lose them. If two or more Free Riders agree that someone with access is abusing their privileges they should notify a free ride officer or council member.

Lock Change:

The Free Ride locks may be changed to address access issues any time.