Our Events

Donation Drives

  • We accept bicycle donations
  • Come by during these events with your bikes (bike parts, accessories) & drop off to our shop space

Used Bike Sales

  • We have used bikes for sale! Mostly $25-$125 range.
  • Visit us to find a bike, parts, and/or accessories that you may need
  • Since our bikes are donations, they are in various conditions and likely need some amount of mechanical attention
  • You can use previously-accrued volunteer hours as “credit” for used bikes, parts & accessories
  • We have a limited amount of “new” parts (you cannot use volunteer hours for this, unfortunately, for some tax reasons)

Do-It-Yourself Shop Time

  • Our bike stands and tools are available for use!
  • Bring in your bike and use the stands & tools to repair it
  • Volunteers will be able to answer some questions, they will not touch your bike or do any of the repair for you
  • We ask for a donation of $5 to use the space; you can use volunteer hours for this as well. Free if you are an Access card holder.