Women and Queer Nite Open Shop

Women & Queer Nite is an Open Shop specifically (and only) for women, transgender, and genderqueer folks! This is a time to utilize the tools of the shop to fiddle with your bike, volunteer/help out around the shop, or find some parts to purchase! If none of those things sound appealing, and you identify as women, transgender, or genderqueer, feel free to bring some snacks and come hang out!

We host women and queer night because we strive to create a positive environment where women, transgender, and genderqueer folks can bring their full self forward. We imagine a space where all people can work together to make repairs and solve problems. We emphasize making people feel more confident about owning, repairing, and riding bicycles.

To stay connected with fellow women, transgender, & genderqueer folks that frequent Free Ride Pittsburgh, join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WomenQueerFreeRide

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