Standard Volunteer Activities


  • Put away donated parts.
  • Sort Tubes – identify punctured tubes, put away good tubes by their correct size
  • Break-Down Bicycles – Break-Down bikes in the take-apart-bin to replenish used parts in the shop.
  • Prepare unusable material for recycling – remove rubber and plastic from parts and bicycles that are too damaged for reuse and discard them for recycling as scrap.
  • Return ‘run-away’ tools to their home base.
  • Re-Wrap the Tool-Rolls for other volunteers, make the rolls as complete as possible.
  • Sweep the shop floor and work stands
  • Keep the shop area tidy.

Intermediate – Non-Mechanical:

  • Explain how the shop works and how to use it.
  • Freshen up the Time-Log – Reinforce Torn Binder Holes, Alphabetize, Remove ancient time-sheets.
  • Clean Up As-Is Bicycles to increase their appeal.

Intermediate – Mechanical:

  • Patch punctured tubes
  • Sort parts
    • Make sure the parts match their bin
    • Discard parts beyond hope
    • Put parts that have been separated too much back together.
  • Return orphaned for-sale bikes to their home.
  • Repair As-Is Bicycles with used-parts that are available.
  • Help Patrons:
    • Offer to demonstrate how to complete a repair that you can guide someone through.
    • In limited situations – offer to perform a repair for someone –  the shop is a learning environment – a safe space for trial and error – but sometimes someone may just need a quick fix.


  • Appraise donated Bicycles and label them for sale.
  • Reprice Bicycles that are not selling.
  • Take inventory of new parts and list what should be restocked – notify a staffer through email.
  • Take inventory of shop tools and list what should be replaced – notify a staffer through email.

These are suggestions, new ideas are welcome.