Vandalism Incident

Good people,

FYI:  At the open shop this evening (7/27/17), a young man, maybe 10 or 11, came into the shop.  I informed him for the fourth or 5th time that he would need a parent to supervise his visit.  He grumbled as usual, but left.  Five minutes later, a volunteer stepped outside to get some air, and caught the young man spreading paint or tar (whatever is in the five gallon buckets near the bike racks) on the new sign, and along the wall directly to the right after you enter through the gate.  The volunteer confronted the young man who then ran.  The volunteer cleaned the paint/tar off the sign and the magnetized letters.  As it was near closing, we did not clean the paint/tar off the wall and patrons/volunteers tracked some of this around (but not terribly).  There is not a huge amount on the wall and ground, but it is noticeable.

I will look at it tomorrow, and see about stripping it off or whatever.  The consistency was kind of gel-like and gloopy (TM), so it may dry or it may be possible to pull it off in clumps.  I will be happy to paint over this if need be.