Voice your concerns & opinions to the council this winter

This December, members of the collective council will be attending a brief retreat. At the retreat, we will discuss and address some of the organizational matters that day-to-day operations prevent us from focusing on. Since only a few people will be in attendance, I wanted to make sure everybody knows they have a chance for their opinions to be heard, if wanted

If there are issues that the collective council should be made aware of and address, please let us know. Here are a few ways you can get in touch:

  • Send a message to info [at] freeridepgh.org
  • Send a message through the website contact form. You can make up an email address to remain anonymous.
  • Place a note in the suggestion box at the shop
  • Edit the crabgrass wiki page where we are going to keep track of the
  • If you want to write a letter or leave a voice mail, good luck.
    (Actually, we can check all that too.)

We will be setting the retreat agenda next Sunday, so please reply before Sunday, Nov. 21.