Just how does it work?

Here is how it works…

As a collective, Free Ride is supported and operated by the community of people who use it.

Free Ride aims to operate without a hierarchy and to be respectful of all people. It is important that members of the Free Ride community are respected and encouraged to learn.

The collective council is the governing body responsible for major decisions at Free Ride. Membership in the collective council is open to anybody.  Although everything may not be recorded, this page is devoted to these decisions in a Q and A Format.

Q: How do I become a staffer or a teacher and get keys to the shop?

A: To learn about becoming a staffer or a teacher, read more here..

Q: How can I reserve a bike in the shop-space, or keep a project I am working with in the shop-space?

A: You may keep any bike you are working on at Free Ride for $10.00, or 1 volunteer-hour (waived with Access Card) for up to 30 calendar days.  This bike cannot be sold, taken or discarded during this time.

Q: How do I join the collective council?

A: Complete this application – and meet the requirements described in it: FRCouncilApplication

Q: What rules govern the organization?

A: The Free Ride By Laws – click here to view them.

Q: Can kids use the shop-space?

A: Kids/Teens/ (Anyone under 18) can use the shop space only when accompanied by an adult (18 or older).