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Electricity and Lights Upgrade !!

After almost 5 years  we are excited as an organization because we now have REAL lights. We can see down the bike corridor it’s amazing and it’s just bright everywhere […]

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Council Meeting 11/16/2016

Council Meeting 11/16/2016 Attendance Tom Scott Tess Greg Mike Greg Requested a new lock for the gate so it is more visible at night. We will get  a new coded […]

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Special Projects Volunteer Session

This Sunday from 2:00 – 5:00 PM you are invited to a special projects volunteer session at Free Ride. This is a chance to take a crack at specific projects […]

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Minutes October 19, 2016

Attendance: Scott K, Tess F, Tom A, Mike Damaged Door: Rather than replace the door, the door handle will be replaced and a new combo-lock / dead-bolt will be added. […]

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Bottom Bracket Sprocket Holder

Holder Tool for Splined Bottom Bracket Socket Holds socket tool to Bottom Bracket axle to eliminate slippage during removal and installation Works with square taper and splined axles with M8 […]

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