BikePGH is transforming our streets to make biking and walking commonplace for all Pittsburghers in order to improve our quality of life and reduce the harmful effects of car dependence in our communities.

LEARNING LINKS encyclopedic site of all things bike! keep up with the newest stuff… you can subscribe and get regular updates another similar to bikerumor

MOMBAT website of mountain bike history

Shimano S-Tec industry-only portal to all things Shimano

bottom brackets explanations/descriptions of all them bbs

another bottom brackets a nice one from

drivetrain compatibility interesting read on shifter pull/cog spacing/derailleur pull

JIS vs Philips that you-tubes video I mentioned

how chains are made at the Campagnolo factory in Italy

how ball bearings are made

how hydraulic brakes work excellent website for all things hydraulic brake-related my friend’s awesome website for tools and their use!

McMaster Carr the best tool site and rabbit hole of awesome stuff students may use discount code ABI_2022 my friend Ric Hjertberg of Wheelsmith has this amazing website

Abbey Tools those beautiful green tools from Bend, OR

Pedro’s Bike Tools New England-based company since 1989

Efficient Velo Tools Brett Fleming’s tools (and philosophy!) Portland, OR

Unior Tools Slovenian-made bicycle-specific tools

Hozan Japanese Tool maker

Birzman beautiful tools made in Taiwan

Park Tool

Tool list

by no means a complete list, just things to have for most common repairs. approximate retail prices follow. basics are starred.

general tools

*various sizes screwdrivers (from teeny to large, JIS, flat) $20+

torx wrenches T10,20,25 (most common),30,40 $10-15

*tri-allen w/4-5-6mm $8

*L-allen set w/ ball end 2-2.5-3-4-5-6-8-10mm (these are nice to use, especially the 3-4-5) $20

sharpened spoke (sharp awl) $2-8

bypass cutters $30- $70

side cutters $5-20

various pliers $10+

bench vise $50+

axle vise $10


  dead-blow/soft $10+

  hard metal (various sizes) $10+

files $3-5+ each

combination wrenches 6mm-19mm $40-100

adjustable wrenches $20-50

adjustable torque wrenches $90+

preset torque wrenches $16+

wheel tools

*cassette lockring tool $8

freewheel tool $8

*chainwhip $20

cone wrenches 13-15-17mm $20

truing stand $80+

spoke wrenches $6+ each

bottom bracket/crankset/drivetrain tools

outboard BB cup tools (wrench/socket & puck tool) $20

cartridge BB tool $23

crank extractor (square/splined) $15

chainring bolt spanner $5

*chain tool $10-35

*chain checker $12

*pedal wrench $15

derailleur alignment gauge $80

bb lockring tool $20

pin spanners $12

other items

headset wrenches 30-32-36-40mm for threaded headsets $12+ each

headset press $160

headset cup removal tool $30

bearing press tools $200+

Hozan 4th hand tool (for tightening cables but also zip ties!) $25

mini belt sander $50+

variety of greases- Rockn’Roll Super Web & Motorex 2000 for bearings, Park PolyLube & FinishLine Teflon for general use/ threads 

chain lubricant- ProLink, DuMonde Tech 

work stands- Park PCS-10 or Feedback Sports Ultimate $180-250